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What is this?
This site tracks the average Alexa Skill certification times for any kind of skill, using data crowdsourced from Alexa developers.
Where does this data come from?
Let me be super clear: Amazon does NOT share any official nor internal information with this site. Data are based only on information gathered from Twitter, where people voluntarily post their latest certification times using the #skillcertificationtime hash tag. More details are available in the How to Contribute page.
How do I contribute data?
It's simple! Just post to Twitter a message with the #skillcertificationtime hash tag and the number of days it tooks to your skill to be certified. If you want, you can also add your skill name and link. Please do continue to post your times, this site is useless without constant data.
Who is collecting this data?
My name is Alessandro and I created this site in the hope that it would provide some useful information to Alexa developers around the world. Also, all the code for this project is opensource and available on GitHub.
Can I be notified of the numbers automatically?
Yes. The @skillcerttimes account on Twitter will post once a day with the latest averages.
How accurate is this data?
The averages on this site are based only on the data gathered from the community which are a very small subset of the total number of skills which go through certification each day. However in our experience it does give a reasonable indication of how certification times are changing over time.
How is the average calculated?
The average for each day on the graph is calculated using a simple average based on historic data (using 30 days of data). The current number of days average is simply the average of the same data points from that graph rounded to the nearest whole day.
This site reminds me of appreviewtimes
It does because it IS based on appreviewtimes.com. A big Thanks goes to Dave Verwer and his Shiny Development team for the original idea 👏